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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 24, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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airglows showed no emotion he made his first court appearance on charges he was dealing drugs alleged to have furnished methamphetamine and to undercover police officer the principal at montague elementary was involved with drugs state narcotics officers set up this thing when a jet began chatting with him on the atom for adam gay dating site he was arrested at the caltrans station. they found a math the san francisco apartment where they found the drugs 7 pills alleged to be as to see and three or four vials of g h be known as the date rape drug i'm shocked about this the school community blindsided seemed like a very nice man
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working with kids you're teaching them not to do drugs and then secretly that is what he is doing on the side very shocked. school officials notified parents and explain their principal had been arrested they seize the school computer for evidence there is no indication he was dealing or furnishing drugs while on campus the students liked him and respected him i think the message we get kids is at times people make the wrong choice. mr. lewis is back in court friday for a bail hearing he has heard he is held on $25,000 bail montague elementary has been appointed an interim principal len ramirez cbs 5 chevron will face the public with an update on last month's devastating fire at the richmond refinery if the meeting expected to draw crowds and tough
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questions ann notorangelo with a criminal investigation surrounding their refinery this investigation has nothing to do with the fire. epa looks into something that happened in 2005 tried to see get chevron deliberately diverted pollutants away from a monitoring system. in 2004 the bay area air quality management district out lot flaring as a routine practice but fun can be used in an emergency with monitors to detect pollutants the air district says chevron had a pipe in place to bypass the monitors by law chevron was supposed to remove the pipe they did neither. they continued flaring they did use it 27 times from 2005- 2009 the paw up was discovered in 2009 when other inspectors
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notice the flaring they noticed then went to the monitoring system to see how much it was and the monetary showed no flow so they thought something was up chevron remove the pipe in 2009 and paid $170,000 fine, chevron said the pipe is used to equalize the fine there was a flair 24 hours a day we can go back and share the data we have the data and we share that with the industry those are manual adjustments they make, when they operated the new with they're doing the federal epa is now investigating whether any of this amounts to criminal activity the general manager maintain safety is the number- one priority, but could not answer why the pipe was in place or how used. that is what the investigation is establishing with the epa
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the focus of tonight's meeting is that the august 6th fire and the general manager says his new information for the public he can tell them the pipe had thinned, there was a routine inspection it was looked at all but 5 ft. you can guess which 5 ft. failed on august 6th there maybe some internal miscommunication it may have been detected earlier but someone failed to pass on the information. another bay area headlines c h p says a man struck and killed on 680 this morning walked into traffic investigators have no idea why, two vehicles set the man, near pleasanton the southbound lanes were closed 3 hours and. san francisco man accused of trying to kidnap a girl at 25 year old man assaulted and abducted a girl from park side
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elementary she kicked him and got away. investigators think this is the same man seen lurking around to other schools that day jurors election today for the woman in the middle of the san francisco crime lab scandal this is video of deborah manning accused of stealing cocaine held as evidence in 2009 she was a technician at the now close lab, that that's led to the dismissal of hundreds of criminal cases she faces four years in prison if convicted. police in hayward shot and killed a man they say involved in a barroom shooting it happened at the dirty bird bar on mission boulevard, witnesses say a man shot someone during a fight, he took off and discard officers tracked him down, things turned deadly. the driver responded by reversing his vehicle directly
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at the officers the officers recognized the threat of deadly force on them, and stop the suspect's actions of three officers opens fire and killed the suspect those officers on administrative leave a police shooting in san francisco's mission district sparked violent protests businesses are upset with police joe vasquez tells us the officers did not stop protesters from damaging their shops. emotions running high across the board in the mission from the shooting in the protest that followed and like you said business owners upset about the damage caused by the protesters. san francisco police here from all sides, demonstrators took to the streets too nice in a rope to protest that officers shot a
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man friday night. i think the men brave enough to don uniforms many people support of the cops the suspect was a 22 year- old recent parolee in prison for shooting two people including a 15 year-old innocent bystander he pointed this loaded machine gun and an officer but the officer shot the gunman. that weapon is designed to kill more than one person and others say the cops could have done more to quell the situation absolutely no arrests at this is unbelievable the month slashed tires and busted out windows milton o'brien owner of lift the lid gymnasium say cops protecting their own police station but otherwise refuse to confront or arrest demonstrators in at unsatisfactory,
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telling these protesters it is ok to do what you're doing but we won't do anything san francisco as a progressive liberal city and thank god for it but there has to be a certain point where people are held responsible. police chief grid search says officers walk a fine mind that don't want to protest the protesters and make matters worse but the want to catch the folks who caused the problem they set up a hotline and all people will call in with information. joe vasquez cbs 5 42 days out from the election and a week from the first presidential debate mitt romney focused effort in colorado. this is our time we have to take the country back and a new road to prosperity i would do it with your help will win colorado and when pueblo big time, we are
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coming back and keep this nation the hope of the earth the president's campaign rolls out a new ad attacking romney for saying 47 percent of americans who don't pay federal tax see themselves as victims. instead of attacking others on taxes run should come clean on his president obama in new york tuesday he addresses the united nations general assembly and a new discovery may lead to treatments of breast cancer paul deanno will do something weather wise that we have not done and more than two months not the sunshine, wait until you see the temperature change no matter how healthy tridymite lunch what your packing in could be toxic to hidden danger,,,,,,,,,,
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starting today is scientist james the weather look good breast cancer there may be a new way to attack it and one day up your dr. kim mulvihill with the story 36 year-old heidi is a high risk for breast cancer both my mother and grandmother are survivors she does monthly exams but still worries i love there to be a
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guarantee if i find i have and i will be ok results of a study of breast cancer genetics could offer hope scientists have identified for distinct types of breast cancer one couldn't resembled ovarian cancer it could suggest the dna matters breast cancer surgeon says a new way of thinking about cancer and treatment. it shows us what may not be treating specifically breast cancer or ovarian cancer or other kinds in the future would look at the gene signals and treating patients based on the gene mutations are in the tumor some breast cancers may be treated with drugs used for ovarian cancer maybe even lung cancer that is possible breast cancer action says patients need more effective treatments she's pleased about the findings
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more treatments not the end all or be all we need to put energy into stopping the disease i'd be agrees, and not just for herself i won no one to die of breast cancer this study part of the cancer gene on atlas funded by the national institute of health a huge effort looking into 20 different kinds of cancer and 200 researchers. dr. kim mulvihill cbs 5 fast-moving wildfire turns deadly and destructive fire in southern california packing a healthy lunch your food may be,,
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now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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we have developing news from southern california crews have found a body in a wildfire that has destroyed 20 homes the fire burns close to the san diego mexican border at last check the lens has scorched two thousand acres, crews have a 10 percent contained. potentially dangerous
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chemical lurks in our kids backpacks and lunchboxes and three ring binders one on lease a charge for change julie watts tells us the fight to keep kids safe. the lunch may be healthy but the lunch back could be toxic. lowry is upset because many lunch bags contain a chemical that from all toys in 2008. if these products were toys they would be illegal a new study finds 75 percent of final school supplies have high levels of the chemical this mom of three boys was done by the report she started an on- line petition or asking disney to clean up their act in disney does not make the product of the license the characters she would like to see disney take the lead.
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a brand that has a lot of leverage with kids the petition has more than 50,000 signatures the epa is concerned about the chemical because of the toxicity and most americans are exposed to them in a variety of soft plastics ranging from shampoo to shower curtains, she shops for pvc free products but not always easy these products are not labelled and they do not have to be labeled parents may not have to wait for these companies to respond lawmakers are working to remove these chemicals from all school supplies the chemical has been linked to asthma and fertility issues in man disney contents of products meet or exceed all safety standards julie watts cbs 5 paul deanno out here i know at this fall, still feels like summer it feels more like summer
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than summer did. as soon as you get the off shore when that limits the influence the first day of all the warmest day in three weeks. today a step back temperature wise. many in berkeley and richmond have been cloudy this view from our building looking toward the bay bridge oakland only 68 san francisco 59, santa rosa 78, low 80's for concord and livermore. a not warm september. only 75 are warmest temperature in san francisco. in oakland only got up to 77. later on this week we will beat all three of those temperatures as forget and off shore when it will feel more like summer. a lot of clouds at the coast line through the golden gate it will push inland.
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will start cloudy near the bay. for thursday this will develop low pressure to the south and high pressure to the north, that gives us an east wind or offshore wind that worms as out. also adds to fire danger. morning cloud and afternoon sunshine tomorrow and wednesday thursday we flip things around will be sunny and very warm, if you like warm weather you'll be warm by the end of the week. for tomorrow at sfo five degrees below average, 78 san jose, campbell 81, walnut creek 84, concord 83, pittsburgh 78, petaluma 74, 72 in san leandro, for thursday 90s widespread
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inland. approaching 80 near the bay. the coast will make it to the '70s. we just shift the winds a little bit. mother nature is confused. a drawing coming up the odds are winning much better than the lottery the price could be a new place to live john ramos on the new look for city housing this does not come along often oakland housing authority began taking applications for subsidized housing but the line of people went to a new online application process people don't have to stand in line with paper they don't have to come and they don't have to do a first-come first-served process libraries are offering help to people who don't own
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computers at the end of the week a computer will randomly select 8000 names to go on a waiting list for city sponsored housing, they expect 15,000 people to apply, one of them robin williams who has been shopping for a car were looking for a car for a place to live the back seat and apartments might be available that means a lot then? that means a helluva lot to me that is how desperate the need is, you might be surprised to see what the apartments look like this one features hardwood floors to tone bank and the view of the courtyard working with a federal grant the authority hired staff to serve as the construction company hiring local workers and selecting own material. we get a better product at the end of the day that having a
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general contractor do the work with the difficult challenges are still there but the agency and customers are learning how much can be accomplished if you're willing to embrace a new way of doing things. john ramos cbs 5 yellow gun stretching the limits of bay area seniors the bay area and yoga,,,,,,,,,,,,
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semi truck then over the edge of this bridge in brazil hours after it racked, the driver jumped into the water he was not hurt rescue workers lifted him out crews cleared the wreckage today. the older you get the more challenging it can be to stay active and fit many seniors joining a yoga class may seem a stretch but it
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is never too late to strike a pose. not your ordinary yogurt class lift your left leg and hold it not your ordinary yoga instructor lilydale teaches it 7-10 yoda classes' a week on 75 and feel 16 she loves at this retirement community in palo alto she's been a yoga instructor 20 years and greeted her own kind of yoga the requirement is they can get up and down from the floor i heard that was not going to work this out i created a class everyone i talked to said it help them without question some people are in their 90s, she said she could not do map where it but this is for her id as increased my range of motion and flexibility i'm really thankful to lily for
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making yoda accessible i feel more limber afterwards and feel your pain is phyllis as no cartilage and help her avoid surgery kidney out of hospital by moving a lot how long does she plan on doing this forever. until one 6 ft. under but that won't be for a long time ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on dana king here's what we're working on for 6:00 news one is told to move the other is left alone they're homeless encampments and in the same bay area city what is the deal? a simple design makes the difference we showed you this last week big cats kept and cramped quarters, a tax measure would fix conditions at oakland zoo but we asked what that does not pass? those stories at 6:00 p.m. cbs evening news and scott pelley coming up next latest news and weather ed cbs s f dot com.


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